Adventure Begins!
Photo by Ole Witt

Hello and Welcome to Lumberjack Dev! If you’d like to know a little bit more about me, then go ahead and check out the About page. If you’d like to know about what sort of content to expect in this blog, then read on!

What posts can I expect?

Admittedly, I’m still new to the idea of blogging (you’re reading my very first post!) so I can’t absolutely guarantee what I’ll be posting. I ask that you bear with me as I figure things out. What I can tell you though is I’ll try to have posts about the following:

  • Spring How-Tos: Guides for simple and complex functionality of Spring Boot
  • Example Projects: Tackling real-world problems with example solutions
  • “Learn-Along” Series: I’ll learn something new and explain things as I go

Some examples of what I have in mind include things like getting started guides for Spring or “Learn-Alongs” for languages (I’ll probably do Go and maybe Erlang or Elixir at first). The first example project I have planned will involve modeling structured workflows with Spring Boot and Activiti. In addition to these more structured posts, there will probably be a few less structured ones that feel more like my ramblings where I present my thoughts on a topic or experience, this is a blog after all.

How often will you post?

While I can’t commit to a set schedule, my goal at first will be 1-2 posts a week. If I can do more than that then I definitely will!

Is there example code?

Of course! For most posts I’ll be putting the example code in the lumberjack dev github.

I found a typo, what’s up with that?

While I’ll strive to keep my spelling and grammar to acceptable standards, typos can and will happen and I’ll do my best to fix and prevent them. If you find something especially heinous, then please feel free to Contact Me about it so I can fix it.

Are you planning on making improvements to the site?

Definitely! If you’re interested in what I’m working on in that front, check the issues page for the details or to make suggestions.

Can I make a suggestion for a post?

Yes, please! Either Contact Me or open an issue tagging it as a ‘post suggestion’.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for upcoming posts!