A Picture of Me (and my beard) My name is Paul Aly. I’m a software developer, mentor, and all around tech enthusiast. I’m currently a Senior Software Engineer at VMware working Azure Spring Apps and Spring Cloud Services. However this blog, its contents, and opinions are my own.

Continuous learning is one of my passions, and I thought this blog would be a great way I could do that while also sharing my experiences with others. I created LumberjackDev with a few goals in mind:

  1. Help others learn as they journey through their software development careers
  2. Provide insights into learning new things
  3. Record solutions to (un)common problems


Outside of software development and growing my beard, my interests include reading fantasy novels (I’m a huge fan of Steven Erikson and Brandon Sanderson), coffee, weightlifting, watching Good Mythical Morning, and caring for my dog Azalea.


Throughout my career, I’ve worked on a variety of software products. I like to view myself as a generalist when it comes to technologies - if I don’t know a certain language or stack to solve a problem then I’ll enjoy going out and learning it. I have a passion for building quality products while enabling others learning alongside me.

Before starting at VMware, I worked at BTI360, a mid-sized software development firm headquartered in Ashburn, VA. Here I was able to build a strong foundation in enterprise systems while learning a lot from my awesome peers. I supported a variety of projects, teams, and technologies. However, I worked primarily as a Java Developer specializing in the Spring ecosystem. Most of the projects I supported involved building RESTful APIs using HATEOAS. My experience there helped grow my passion for learning and helping others.

As far as education goes, I graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. More recently I completed my Master’s in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins.

The Beard

For those curious, the beard has been going strong since June 2018. There are currently no plans to limit its growth, so it will keep growing for the forseeable future.